Writing apps

First 20 app entries for Android and iPhone

In the past decade, advanced development companies have launched a range of applications. Students take advantage of these opportunities. Young professionals use tools to write the following documents:

  • Enrich-Dictionary
  • Avoid spelling errors/spelling/punctuation errors
  • Automatically check all notes
  • Over the past five years, the software has become more rapid. If you’re a journalist or you

    The world’s best tools, which perform the functions of Android/iOS. There are no features in the Android version. The iOS version allows authors to use their work! The functions contain:

  • Split screen (not all records)
  • Available only for Android. It has the cool design of each user; the JotterPad allows you to convert the PDF files to WORD and some others

    It is not an expensive creative tool that allows you to write scripts effectively. The best solution is that each user can share the latest version of screenwriting in many formats, including FDX. Authors save drafts on iOS devices so that they can be viewed anywhere. Simple navigation makes both editorial and editorial. Change your snippet to standard formatting of the industry-share the results on Dropbox, e-mail, or else

    Would you like to have an app that developed a famous screenwriter? The Actor Tom Hinks offers free Hanx Writer with paid upgrade, it uses the secrets of the most popular types. Software is the first type simulator ever to try your creative compositions!

    Students who start with novels will find a list of useful. Forget about search engines: this baby generates ideas better than Google. If you are not connected to the Internet, you can access the program and select the person/store/event name

    Do you want to make an excellent analogy of Scrivener, which costs three dollars? For those who prefer lists of lists, simply select the characters, locations, backgrounds, and other items. The use of physical index cards takes a long time!

    The audience is a dedicated student who permits the listening of books on this

    Evernote is the preferred web site/mobile application, as it is easy to dry up new ideas to keep in mind the arguments or to question them later. The best thing is that you don’t have to enter everything manually-to enjoy the speech recognition option (paid) to write your thoughts. Check the spelling/spelling/punctuation

    Insert words with automatic synchronization; programmers will like this function. The application enables you to create a document from fragments by creating a complete picture; the order of the content is predefined in the final note

    Enter the text of the essay manually, using the keyboard, requires text extensions. Table and phone is a nightmare. Software saves time and nerves: everything you make is automatically entered into the Text Expander tool. It can be moved by e-mail, in a cloud, etc

    Synchronise the note on the network if you are stuck in the distance from your laptop and you cannot enter words on one of these devices. Get the plain text on your phone. The application selected at the top is free. The main topic is the white text on the dark gray background that you can change. Save the finished information on the Android or iOS device to make it public locally

    Need to write Android/iOS application with different setup options to enhance your skills? This useful innovation process has many excellent topics, opportunities to activate automatic grammar/spelling correction in English, the ability to share content in the network. Three dollars paid online to start a new career of maker!

    An unseeded or short novel-ManuScript is an available Android/iOS application based on a Web application with the same name. Problems with creating a schema-choose ManuScript to develop an action plan (schema) that you want to monitor. The tool contains

    If you need the bare bones, which are written or edited using a user-friendly interface style (dark theme is activated). One feature is the ability to organize and collect hashtags instead of inconvenient for the folder system. Supports DropBox functionality

    As the owner of iOS devices (iPhone, iPad), the student is interested in writing an application. Enter your opinion at the speed of light and storage to use a ready-made note on any device in the future. Send drafts from iOS to different service/Web sites

    Just sit down … and create a Write with the use of “Write” to write users of iOS apps all over the world. In the middle of the keyboard, locate the nub cursor to move throughout the process. iOS special software allows you to find the cursor during process input, content exchange, code block, interface control, and so on

    Free inline corrector & editor in one person corrects the comments faster, leaving no room for grammatical errors. Wordiness, complex proposals, jargon words, repeatability, passive voice solidly solved all problems

    The Android/iOS stylusers value yWriter 5 because of its powerful, user-friendly development, supported by the writer’s functions. Don’t break your head-the best app will divide the story into logical partitions and

    The beginning of a message, a study, a short story, or a novel becomes easier with the exception of editing/editing applications! Brainstorming is the target of Bubbl.us. It is available both on the website and on Android/iOS

  • Full setup
  • The color of the bubble to be changed
  • Insert hyperlinks
  • The service is free!

    The original Android/iOS add-in, designed to release hidden potential, allows you to quickly reach any part of the document, start from the moment you close the document, prevent distractions, and so on

    Android and iOS developers know what students want. They do everything to create opportunities to support young professionals and even talented writers

    The best applications, along with professional online academic services, solve student problems in a few clicks