8 free applications that will make your learning life easier, organized, and even worldly

Smartphones. We can't live without them

On the one hand, they can be incredibly useful tools that help you be more productive, stay in touch, and access information at the touch of your finger. On the other hand, they may be the total time out of our research (hello Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook)

According to the Baylor University study, the average college student spends about that

Here are the eight applications I use to make your life easier. Download these applications. Your grades will thank you for that

As far as the training programs are concerned, this is a gold standard. In the name "Best iPhone App of 2014" by iTunes, it is a beautiful composite application working with users through 25 mini-games that trains your memory, focus, reading and even mathematical skills, continuing to be fun (I swear it is fun!). The application encourages users to have three problems with the brain at least four times a week. And don't worry, it'll send you a friendly reminder so you don't forget. In addition to the mini-games, graphics are definitely worth writing home. Its design-sleepless design prompts you to continue to play, making it a beautiful application that will be used when you have to turn your brain into the brain day after day

Microsoft Word 2010. If you're a college student, and you don't use Google Drive to save the most important documents and documents, you're doing it wrong. With the help of Google Drive, you will never be nowhere without the documents you need. To save everything in the cloud, you can access the most important files and documents of your phone, tablet and desktop. Not to mention, you can save and share documents, folders, and files with other documents on disk. This will be a very big economic time when it comes to working together on group projects. Do you have to have a big paper next week? Start by phone while waiting for the bus, and pick where you left when you're home. Thread

The students are busy. No one understands this better than the people in HelpHub. If you're jumping from school to work with extracurricular activities, you might not have time to schedule classes to help you pass science.

Most university curricula require students to obtain credit in a foreign language. If you are lucky, you can even leave the language classes with sufficient knowledge to talk. (Heck, I took five years of French, but I don't remember anything

You are a student, which means that you are in a constant rage between what you want (pizza and Red Bull) and what you should have (lettuce and coconut water). By that time you might even have a runner

This application is the dream of any student (or his student). Like the iTunes for music, iTunes U is a university system of study. It provides access to courses from some of the world's leading universities without cost! Do you ever think about what it's like to take the Philosophy philosophy from Yale? You can use iTunes U. In fact, you can subscribe to complete courses on topics ranging from Algebra to zoology in institutions like Stanford, MIT, Oxford, MoMA and many others. It is even possible to organize courses that you are currently taking, which is a great way to stay at the top of your class (and even if you are able to help you!). The application displays everything in the simple side of the navigation that contains video and offline documents. It even refers to books that you can download in your iBooks partner application (or you can always download an electronic version on Amazon)

RefME is a stupid reference. This free application allows you to create quotations and bibliographies by simply scanning the book bar code. In any style, you would like (or, more precisely, what your professor would like). You choose from Chicago, APA, MLA, whatever. It's an intuitive, beautiful, and seamless. Start saving hours on your links, for example, now

Notes are very, very simple, but they are also easy to lose. In the open sea of applications that can be accessed, Evernote elevates above the others when it comes to the interface, usability and accessibility. You can literally record every note, idea, or idea on this platform and have access to it through any device. Keep yourself in your organization by creating different laptops for different subjects and projects. You can even share a note with other Evernote users. Although the notes are excellent, they can also be proxies

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