What happens when you choose the right school, not biggest school

A course for post-secondary is a nervous adventure

New adventures, new places, and new pastimes can be quite stunnable, but at the same time, leaving the comfort zone often leads to the most memorable moments of your life. University and career choices are hard choices, but you have the opportunity to make the right choice, knowing yourself

"The purpose of life is not to get safely to the grave safely in a well-snorted body, but most likely in a ham, totally worn, completely worn out, shouting in the upper part of your lungs," Wow, what a leap! "

I found this quote on the last page of one of my first university exams, and she put her education in perspective for me. The emphasis on school work will allow you to gain academic success, but other facets of life, such as health, music, family, community, relations and friendly relations, are as important for maintaining life as life. The University of Lakeil has given me the opportunity not only to increase academic success, but also to live in the last four years

Four years ago, Lakeid was my first choice because I was attracted to school values for students. Since then, I've realized that Lakehead is offering more than I expected. If you want to gain university experience in which you support your addiction, always encourage growth, face difficulties to try new things, and in the light of experience, I recommend to choose Lakeshead

I got a degree in Kinetyology from LU. This has been extremely useful; it has taught me the importance of physical activity, nutrition and general well-being, to prevent chronic health conditions. Since the beginning of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, I have often used my knowledge to help myself and my colleagues to better understand the physiological and psychological aspects of health and well-being. Other programs such as Nursing, Outdoor Recreation, Social Work, Music, Law and Engineering are added to the exceptional and diverse set of Laxehead disciplines

" The features worth using are rarely knocking on your door. You have to go after them. "

The Laikeda University helped me balance my education and my personal life. Not every university can get out of the class and into the woods, near the lake, or look at the night sky to see the northern lights. Few major majors can use one on-on-one of music classes with a professor. In Lakhead, you can meet your professor for a snack to discuss the subject of the lecture. Where else can we go 10 minutes and be in the mountains, waterfall, forest or even in the middle of the city? You don't usually associate these things with the university value, but I personally love him when things aren't fine. As the saying goes, "I tried to be normal once-it's the worst two minutes of my life!"

There is no proper "as" manual for school (

  • The opportunities to use are rarely knocking on your door. You must catch them. Not to mention, the Leukeda employees are always ready to help students who take the initiative and want everything to be done
  • When it seems that your options are limited, let' s think of the most abstract, weekend off idea. You'd be surprised to get out of that thought
  • You rarely need to take "no" for an answer, but with respect, 1% of the time you may need
  • Take advantage of the resources you provide. The Student Union Student Union and the student divisions of the University of Leikevedov were my fathers when I needed resources, or I had questions when I was chasing my degree
  • The students have more energy than you think. Use your thoughts and actions to change something that you are passionate about
  • Don't think you need to go to high school

    Your lifetimes will significantly increase the impact on a small pond than in the large ocean. Start with the small, dream of your ambitions, approach others with love and kindness, and create the life you want to live. Through your actions, you must decide how people will know and remember you

    Lac believes in students

    If you don't fail, be prepared for your adventure. Watch him and grab him with his hands open

    The university can get world-class education with experience in life. At the University of Lekesha, open your horizons and start your journey at a university that is far from normal. With two campuses in Thunder Bay and Orlia, Ontario, we offer personal experience in which you can actually realize your potential. More than 8,500 students study our complex set of programs for students and alumni, along with the applications that really care about your academic growth and success. From the moment you get out of our campus, you'll find that it's not a regular university. Find out more

    Enjoy that thing at school, Nicolas. Or you know it's $6,000. Thank you all for entering the system!

    * Views expressed in respect of the author, and not necessarily for the "Student life" or their partners

    May 2015. Alexis Sharp graduated from the University of Lakedov with distinction. It is currently immersing in its first academic year at the Northern Ontario Medical Institute at the University campus of the University of Lakehead. In her spare time she likes to play piano, participate in yoga classes, study in cafés, and stay in contact with friends and family throughout the country